Hyiper Company

Welcome. This is my personal place where i trade and show how i do that. This is not next signal group and no any pump and dump place. You can find my private ideas, charts and a lot of information from Crypto and Forex markets at Forex Live Trade and Crypto Live Trade group in link section. I show only what im doing. I dont make anything for request - signals, calls or other shit things. You can join to see what im doing or not. Its your choice. For all new traders and "yolo tu da mun" persons will be better to go somewhere else and make millions per day.

Also i make commercial programming for trading platforms like Metartader 4 and cTrader with my own ideas and helpful software.

All informations here is not a investment advice and you need to remember that on financial markets you can lose 100% of your funds. Only 5% people can earn money on Forex and Crypto in longterm. ​Past profits do not guarantee future ones.


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